Marketing Cooperations In Agriculture And The Food Industry, Community Marketing in the Strengthening of Competitiveness

Totth, Gedeon

Keywords: marketing organisations, sectorial marketing, Q13

Several characteristics of agriculture and its poor marketing culture and practices, the lack of the functional conditions, especially the lack of the scaling conditions inherent to marketing performance, make the use of a particular form of marketing cooperation, a kind of a joint, meso marketing, necessary. The most important goals of the social marketing activities are the image building, the strengthening of the domestic and foreign publicity of domestic farms and their products, fostering the market entrée and presence, augmenting the knowledge of the producers in terms of the market and the consumer, enhancing departmental marketing orientation and efficient branding. Certain European countries, which have an advanced agriculture and food industry, have long-established traditions of the departmental social meso marketing. This fact should be a much-quoted example for domestic agriculture as well.

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