The Place and Role of the Herman Otto Institute in Public Employment

Mezőszentgyörgyi, Dávid – Romvári, Róbert

Keywords: courses, rural development, agriculture, Q13

The basic objective of the public employment system is to provide transition from unemployment to the primary labour market. There has been a continuous increase in the public training programmes concerned and the number of participants over the last few years. Special courses connected to agricultural production, namely training for animal husbandry workers, garden workers and cheesemakers were coordinated by the Herman Otto Institute (HOI) and its predecessor in title between 2013 and 2015. More than 2400 participants from 106 settlements of 11 counties successfully completed one of the 139 courses and were given the opportunity to find a job in labour intensive animal breeding and horticulture. According to the data, the proportion of the population that is poorly trained is markedly high in the most backward micro regions. However, the target group of the courses coordinated by the HOI overlapped that part of the population. Hungary, similarly to the European Union, is prioritising the expansion of employment and supporting the integration of poorly educated citizens. The presented results of the special education courses of the micro-regions concerned are in accordance with the job creation activity of the Rural Development Programme.

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