An Attempt to Develop an Automated Complex Land Evaluation System

Szűcs, István – Farkasné Fekete, Mária – Vinogradov, Szergej

Keywords: economic assessment of land, gross margin, earth dividend, D-e-Meter, external effects, Q19

In this paper a theoretical framework of integrated land evaluation system was presented. The cropland economic valuation system to be developed is capable of replacing the outdated ‘gold crow’ system. Integrated approach to the land evaluation means an assessment of ecological (soil, climatic and land relief conditions) and economic fac tors in a unified and closed system. The economic evaluation systematizes the effects of economic factors in conformity with structure of the D-e-Meter land quality assessment system. The precondition of the elaborated application of the land evaluation method in practice is to assign to each D-e-Meter category a weighted – so called standard – Basic Gross Margin value. The computation of Gross Margin is carried out by sampling. A set of correction factors (irrigation possibility, infrastructure, access to the area, externalities) is also considered when the economic value of land is calculated. Information for correction factors can also be read on digital maps, whereby we ensure the automatic character of the valuation system. The new complex evaluation system is useful for getting the realistic land value and land price. The economic value of land based on the calculation of potential Gross Margin, which includes the total social-economic return of the plot. It can also be used to define the requirements for the alternative usage for land as well.

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