Determination of the Main Selection Aspects of Machines for Crop Production Technologies in Hungary

Erdeiné Késmárki-Gally, Szilvia

Keywords: farms, construction of machinery, economic aspects, technical aspects, production structure, O13, Q16

In agriculture, land ownership and the production structure have been undergoing changes for a long time. These changes are complicated by climate change. In terms of machine selection, the ecology, technical, technological and economic considerations are all very important to farmers, and these factors have influenced the machines used in the selection of crop production as well. The National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre (Institute of Agricultural Engineering) has carried out research in Hungary with eight producers with different land sizes and production structures. The research results show that the farmers put ecological conditions at the forefront of the selection of machinery. This means that the soil conditions, the distribution of precipitation and the number of hours of sunshine play a significant role in terms of machine selection. Therefore, the farmers prefer the mechanisation solutions that are easy to use even in changing ecological conditions. The mechanisation model was developed through analysing the supply and demand sides. It can be said that the supply of agricultural machines in Hungary is extensive and includes world-class machines.

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