The „Greening’s” First Year in Numbers in Békés County

Rákóczi, Attila

Keywords: common agricultural policy, cross compliance, direct paying, greening, Q18

The 2014-2020 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) budget and agricultural rural development cycle has brought considerable changes in the subsidy condition system. One of the significant elements of these changes is the introduction of greening regulations. The essence of greening is to increase biodiversity in the agro-ecosystem, which it intends to achieve by various components from the year 2015. During the research, we analysed the experiences of the first year based on data from the registry of the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency related to Békés County. According to the results, it can be established that considerable attention had to be devoted to it by farmers as well as agricultural regulatory agencies. Few rejections occurred related to the greening requests in the County, partial fulfilment was observed in a larger ratio. An overwhelming majority of farmers complied with the regulations, at the same time it must be noted that in the basic case most of them were exempted from mandatory compliance.

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