Local Products: a Secure Livelihood or Income Supplement?

Tóth-Kaszás, Nikoletta – Keller, Krisztina – Ernszt, Ildikó – Péter, Erzsébet

Keywords: local products, supply chains, local food system, European Union, Q12

The aim of our research was to show the sales methods of local producers and farmers who work in Zala and Somogy counties, and to examine whether these kinds of production activities are able to provide livelihoods. We hypothesised that this activity is capable by itself to provide the livelihood for farmers working in this region. Furthermore, we presumed that the producers involved in the research principally favour short and direct sales channels, therefore they sell their products at their own settlement, mainly from their own house and at local farmers’ markets, which are so fashionable nowadays. Our research showed that although it is trendy to consume local products, and there is a growing demand for them, the production of these products still cannot be a selfsustaining activity. It provides a livelihood for only 35% of the respondents, while the remainder carry out this activity alongside their full-time job or other profitable activities. Other research results seem to have the opposite findings: 53% of the respondents claim that they can make a living out of selling local products. Nevertheless, the success is not guaranteed by producing local products, but there are good examples who can make a living out of this activity. Further it was stated that producers favour direct supply chains: they sell their products mainly at their own settlements, but the various events and fairs, as selling locations, also play an important role.

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