Consumer Survey on Honey Consumption

Urbánné Treutz, Ágnes – Treutz, Zsófia:

Keywords: honey, consumer behaviour, influential factors, Pilgrim-model, Q13, M310

Nowadays, the typical trend in food consumption is the appreciation of quality and health. This trend shows itself in honey consumption too, although price sensitivity is still observed among the customers, which this study confirms as well. 72% of the respondents would buy honey frequency if the price of the honey were lower. Primarily the quality influences the respondents when they buy honey. For 67% of the consumers the quality is important when they buy honey. Consumers are more satisfied with the taste of honey than with sugar, but they are more satisfied with the price of sugar than that of honey. Based on the research we can establish a low connection between income and the regularity of honey consumption (Cramer V=0.209).

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