The Possible Foreign Utilisation of the Experiences from the Development of Hungarian Electronic Higher Educational Study Administration Systems Focusing on Agriculture

Lehőcz, Gábor

Keywords: electronic study registrars, management information systems, agricultural higher education, eastern countries, Q00, Q10, Q19

Connected to the debate of “Education Levels in the Agricultural Economy and Future Requirements”, published by Magda et al. (2017), I agree with their observation that strengthening of rural agricultural education in Hungary is a serious challenge and an important task in the light of future demands. According to my opinion, the internationalisation of the accumulated knowledge and experience from agricultural higher education in Hungary could also have an important role in this process. In my work I have examined several hidden opportunities of the international knowledge transfer and the international utilisation of the developed study-management based Decision Support Systems, considering also the specialities of agricultural higher education. The steps toward this goal during the transformation of the Hungarian higher education in the last decade accumulated a significant knowledge by the specialists. Based on my non-representative overview, these experiences might be of interest for the dinamicallydeveloping and strengthening higher education in the Eastern Hungarian region, and could be utilised to build and strengthen connections in Eastern Hungary and used for market profitability.

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