JEL (Journal of Economic Literature) Classification of Scientific Articles Published in ‘Gazdálkodás’ between 2000 and 2014

Hegyi, Judit – Vincze, Judit – Troján, Szabolcs

Keywords: Gazdálkodás scientific journal on agricultural economics, scientific article, JEL classification system, category group, Q19

Contents of all scientific articles published in the agricultural economic journal called Gazdálkodás between the years 2000 and 2014 were examined. The scientific publications were classified into groups based on the categories of the JEL (Journal of Economic Literature) classification system. The system is suitable for classification and categorisation of scientific articles which were written in the field of economics. There 20 category groups in the JEL system. Five category groups were used for classification of articles published in Gazdálkodás during the period under review, which were the following: J (Labour and Demographic Economics), N (Economics History), O (Economic Development, Technological Change, Growth), Q (Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics. Environmental and Ecological Economics), R (Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate and Transportation Economics). A total of 751 of scientific studies were classified in the period under review. Studies were identified under one single code in terms of effectiveness and clarity of evaluation. This examination and its results fill a gap, because there are no data and information about such a categorisation of Hungarian articles related to field of agricultural economics.

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