Twenty-First Century Challenges to Leaders

Nemes, Ferenc

Keywords: cultural diversity, demographic and generational problems, emotional intelligence, strategic succession planning, J20

The turbulent and in-depth changes in conditions mentioned in the introduction and the challenges posed by these to managers mean that renewal and change in human resources management (HRM) systems is inevitable even if it costs time and money, but the new system fits the given situation well. As their employment becomes more and more regular in cutting-edge organisations, others are also compelled to introduce the skillbased model. One important prerequisite of this is that the representatives of HRM can have a seat at the table where strategic decisions are made. In order to archive this, HR managers and their colleagues – as put by Dave Ulrich – need to become the top managers’ strategic partners. This will be more likely if a great number of HR management graduates leave the higher education system, and if a wide circle of managers recognise the importance of their employment in the private and public sector who face and seek to meet the turbulent changes of the 21st century.

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