Education and Training: The Path Towards the Agriculture of the Future

Csete, László

Keywords: Keywords: education, training, skill development, education system, technological revolution, agriculture, J21, J24, R23

It is not by chance that the statue of Kuno Klebersberg stands in the park of Róbert Károly College, the authors not only understood the importance of knowledge and education, but similarly to Klebersberg, they too built a state of the art educational institution from virtually nothing, to serve agriculture and the interests of the nation. Their analyses are proof of the result of knowledge-based agriculture and shine a light on tensions and signs of decline.
Carrying on from the ideas of the debate, I believe that it is necessary to decide how and what should be taught, what modern skills need to be developed for today’s accelerated scientific progress and technological revolution and to clarify where, in what form and at how many locations this education or training should come about. I believe that the local agriculture would be best served with a system that would teach and train students through practice, skills development and the teaching of how to learn in the present, ever changing and quickly developing environment.
With regard to skills development, creativity, cognitive skills and adaptability are critical given the constant flow of information, as these help the understanding of necessary technical and technological interventions, collecting information, building contacts, learning and being up-to-date as farmers, producers or entrepreneurs. In training, we need to focus on the particularities of agricultural production to facilitate the spread of automated procedures and find new possibilities for learning and keeping up-to-date.
The modern education and training system of sustainable, efficient and competitive Hungarian agriculture can provide not only the quality and quantity of domestic food demand, but it can also be an effective participant in international relations and trade. Food is becoming a “tougher” strategic commodity!

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