Corporate-Business Relations and Cooperation in the Food Industry (Theoretical Approach, Conceptual Clarification)

Nábrádi, András

Keywords: corporate collaborations, groupings, definitions, G34, L24, P13

The study deals with the relationships between companies. It focuses specifically on collaborations, those that can be found in Hungary and all over the world in the first two decades of the 21st century. Based on literature sources, it defines different co-operation categories, organises them according to various criteria and focuses on related areas of the food industry. Using matching approaches, it defines the range of non-eliminating factors. Based on that, 24 definitions of relationships are formulated and clarified. The study is applied economics oriented. It also deals with the benefits of the various types of co-operation for partners. Legal, sociological and political overlaps, and strategic contexts occur during groupings, but their definitions are not dealt with in this article. Finally, the study raises research areas of future expectations.

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