Information Technology Use and Management of Hungarian Agricultural Enterprises: The Results of a Digital Research Project

Berta, Olga

Keywords: development, information technology, agriculture, research, management task, Q10, Q13, Q16

Globalisation and digital development put the agricultural sector and agricultural organisations at a crossroads. In my research, the information management preferences of agricultural organisations employing double-entry bookkeeping were evaluated with a questionnaire survey. Significant changes took place in the field of IT at the beginning of the 21st century, which have not failed to affect agriculture either. My results have shown that there is development potential in the IT field in Hungary, which projects favourable trends in the area of efficiency and productivity. However, it may also be asserted from the data that, without the IT training of agricultural enterprises and their managers, the persistence of these deficiencies will mean long-term competitive handicap for small and medium-sized agrarian enterprises in Hungary. If the owners and those in charge of management do not take the competition in the application of IT devices in global agriculture into consideration, it will have harmful effects on their economic efficiency and profitability. Besides, food industry and related industries are also likely to suffer from this negligence. The ramifications of this decision will influence the competitiveness of the whole Hungarian economy, since without marketable agriculture, a competitive food industry and thriving rural areas are not feasible, which may prove to be decisive for our whole future.

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