Challenges: The Feasibility and Potential Impact of the Circular Bioeconomy on the Green Economy

Popp, József – Oláh, Judit

Keywords: European Green Deal, circular bioeconomy, EU, Q47, Q56, Q57

In addition to global challenges, the authors analysed the characteristics of the linear economy and circular bioeconomy. Furthermore, the study examines to what extent the objectives of the European Green Agreement could be considered realistic in the light of energy consumption, the development of Co2 emissions and energy dependence in the context of the energy and food security risks caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The Green deal was not originally conceived as a peace- and security-building instrument, but it is now clear that a common energy strategy and an energy union is needed as well in the EU. In case the agenda of the Green deal agenda is permanently suspended, the impacts of ecological consequences are expected to intensify in the coming decades, but despite a possible temporary suspension of the original agenda climate neutrality by 2050 can be achieved.