The Role and Possibilities of Green Finance in the Agriculture

Pókos, Gergely – Kemény, Gábor

Keywords: climate change, climate risk in agriculture, sustainable finance, banks, Q5, Q56, Q58

Climate change poses significant challenges for the economic actors, and a shift to a sustainable economic system is needed to avoid climate catastrophe. This means that all sectors of the economy, including agriculture, will have to increasingly reduce their environmental impact in the future, mainly by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by producers and processors. The banking sector will play a key role in this process as a financier of sustainable investments. The specificity of the agricultural sector is that its environmental performance is difficult to measure, and it is subject to a complex set of EU rules and regulations and is therefore not yet included in the EU green finance regulation (the so-called Taxonomy Regulation). However, thanks to the MNB's domestic programme, green finance is already available for agriculture.
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