Consumer Associations and Buying Habits Concerning Short Supply Chains

T. Nagy-Pető, Dorka – Szakály, Zoltán – Kiss, Virág Ágnes

Keywords: local products, short supply chain, consumer habits JEL: Q13

As a result of the ethnocentric way of thinking and the improvement in the quality and popularity of local products, the role and importance of short supply chains are starting to increase in Hungary as well. The best way to make a local product known and recognized in your community is through these forms of sales and/or trademarks. In the present study, we sought to answer what consumers consider to be local and which short sales channels they know and choose the most. Our primary research was conducted in a representative survey of 500 people, the results of which revealed that consumers have specific ideas about what they consider local food. The most important keywords in this connection were the Hungarian producer and workforce, as well as the traditional production technology. However, we have already obtained quite different numbers regarding the distance of the origin of local foods. Furthermore, the awareness of each type of short supply chain is also highly dispersed, as only three types live in the minds of consumers as a potential purchase option they use.
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