Among black Swam and White Rhinos: Expert Podium-discussion on Crisis and Crisis Management in the Hungarian Agribusiness

Borbély, Csaba – Lakner, Zoltán

Keywords: COVID, development policy, economic policy, Ukraine, new economic order JEL: Q10, E00, E6

The 21st century is considered by many experts as an era of foreseeable crises (black swans) and unexpected shocks (white rhinos). The pandemy and the war crisis, as well as their management, offer numerous lessons and experiences and highlight the importance of preparation to tackle the new challenges. One of these is the Eastern enlargement of EU and the emergence of the new world economic order. The COVID period highlighted the mportance of globalization in the food supply chains and the fundamental role of governmental coordination. The well-targeted subsidy-policy remains an important means of food chain development, but some of the targets (e.g., creation of workplaces) must be re-considered.