Public administration integration in the countries of the EU - theory and practice of principles for enhancing the participation

Špaèek, David

Kulcsszavak: public administration, Europeab integration, DEMO-net, Checz Republic

Public administration has been influencing society and individual citizens (or just “people”) since its beginning. In the theoretical or rhetorical as well as practical level, administrative activities were exercised in the way that can be described by principles in the most general (abstract) level. In relation to the values of democracy, the principles that may enhance the participation - it means the democratic character - of decision/policy making should be stressed. Although they may be explicit or implicit part of constitutional document, there practice is often very young and therefore it may be insufficient. The utilization of foreign top-down and bottom-up experience and - particularly with regards to the European integration - the cross-boarder cooperation and benchmarking in this field must be underlined. The paper outlined the theoretical and practical directions.