Preparation of Becoming Teachers of Agriculture for Filling the Part of an Adult Educator

Fekete-Szakos, Éva

Kulcsszavak: adult education, andragogy, adult educator, teacher training, vocational trainer

- All becoming teachers would need knowledge on adult education in order to better understand his own lifelong learning.
- If adult education were integrated into university education of BSc or MSc level, extension courses for practicing teachers would not loose their importance, but on the contrary, those would be arranged at an upper level.
- Adult education should be changed to competence based education, as the competent andragogical knowledge can hide the possibility of some extra profit.
- Teachers and trainers in vocational education, who are engineers and economists etc. at the same time, would mean potentially the best qualified adult educators, whose teaching competences should only be completed with andragogical competences. They are appropriate and can be let in one the task, but they are not used up.