Study about the romanian higher education graduate’s perception over the quality of this process

Negruºa, Adina – Cosma, Smaranda

Kulcsszavak: higher education, globalization, perception, employment market

Based on the results from this study our conclusions refer to the following ideas:
- the economic degree still is the first choice for enrollment in the higher education
- students believe that a diploma achieved in a economic faculty could help them in finding a good job
- the competition in labor force market increasing and give advantages to employers in attracting good capacities and knowledge
- students believe that a work experience along the period of higher education process could be a good start for being employed
- the most important weaknesses identified by graduates are: tools and methods of teaching process and the content of textbooks or study materials
- the students appreciate as important for higher education system the novelty of the knowledge share in the process and the practical characteristics of the its
- the graduates are satisfied by the novelty level of the knowledge and information share but the examination model and practical characteristics seems to be inappropriate

In conclusion the romanian higher education has to apply the reform started in this sector not only with regulation and curricula changes but also with the opportunities offer to the staff in order to become professionals in teaching and forming activities. This could improve the quality of the education process because the general attitude of people is to place in the center of the educational systems, responsible for the good performance of the students, the professor.