Research of the wealth and financial source of the agricultural enterprises

Gáspár, Andrea

Kulcsszavak: agricultural enterprises, financial index, liquidity, indebtedness

After 10 years, follow up 90’s, number of company’s jump in increase, and so after the fritter of implements, the venture interests decrease continually in the agriculture from 2001. In nation-wide level, correlated to 2000, in 2003 the number of company’s decrease by 7%. [6] In the county Intensity of the bad effects of weather (drought, flood) cut down on the increase of agricultural enterprises, also in the future. General cause of the shift ratio between the implements and current assets, which serve the enterprise more than one year, is the subsidence of the rate of resource. Inside the tangible assets the ratio of investments in 4,5%, although in rate equal to tangible assets, it shows more than 60% increase according to 2000. To achieve the investments, the companies use own and foreign source, the latter can feel in the long-term indebtedness. The enterprises have to attend such a craggy increase because it may cause liquidity problems. Enterprises obligated to use their free source toward pay back their obligations.[5] For the smooth operation the own liquid sources of enterprises are low (indexes of liquidity and indebtedness) so for finance the operation they need credit and encouragement. Encouragement’s can cause blasts in long term if the effects of these encouragements do not improve the efficiency and do not keep the environment (interest subsidy, guarantee). Joining to the European Union had not get any considerable effect on the development of financial index. Our Union membership impinge on the financial conditions of agriculture enterprises needs a large research.