An Empirical Study of Climate Change Effects and Agriculture Vulnerability

Singh, Mahesh Kumar – Dobó, Erika

Kulcsszavak: climate change, vulnerability, adaptivity, food security, stress

This review describes that due to rapid globalization, vulnerability in different areas affects human life. With rapid population growth, securing the inherent vulnerability of this relationship, whether social, economic, or environmental, has to be central to efforts to achieving sustainable development. The vulnerability of agricultural systems varies with geographic location, time, socioeconomic conditions, and environmental resources. The capacity to mitigate and to adapt to climate-change impacts is strongly related to the future development paths. The socioeconomic and, even more so, the technological characteristics of different futures strongly affect emissions, hence the extent and pace of the impacts of climate change, as well as the capability of societies to adapt to and mitigate climate change. The presented review gives a brief idea about empirical analysis of climate change and agricultural vulnerability and how it affects human life.