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A Gazdálkodás 19. különszáma kizárólag angol nyelven jelent meg!

Foreword, 1. oldal

Gáspár, Andrea: Research of the wealth and financial source of the agricultural enterprises, 2. oldal

Czárl, Adrienn: Determine the key factors of the Agrarian Economic Growth in the 21th Century in Hungary, 9. oldal

Hovhannisyan, Vardges – Vasa, László: Armenian rural cooperatives and marketing: Dairy sector, 17. oldal

Késmárki-Gally-Erdei, Szilvia – Szűcs, István: The role of the technical improvement in the development of the Hungarian agriculture, 26. oldal

Kis, Sándor: Study on the economic effect of production free from chemical use, 35. oldal

Maciejczak, Mariusz: Competitive advantages of Polish organic sector in light of co-existance between GMO and non-GM products, 44. oldal

Péter, Beáta: The possibilities of applying historic simulation for assessing the profitability of investments, 52. oldal

Singh, Mahesh Kumar – Dobó, Erika: An Empirical Study of Climate Change Effects and Agriculture Vulnerability, 61. oldal

Trifoi, Ion Gigi – Dumbrava, Partenie: Methods of calculating the costs in the romanian mining enterprises, 67. oldal

Bajmócy, Zoltán – Kosztopulosz, Andreász – Imreh, Szabolcs: Venture Capital and the Incubation of Small Enterprises, 74. oldal

Hurta, Hilda: Modification of the concept of competitiveness with special regard to the demand emerging nowdays on cooperation, 84. oldal

Kargol, Anet –- Sokó, Ewa: Public private partnership and game theory, 93. oldal

Novák, Zsuzsanna: Some theoretical and practical results of inflation targeting, 102. oldal

Gyuris, Árpád: The harmonization of the EU contract law, 109. oldal

Špaèek, David: Public administration integration in the countries of the EU - theory and practice of principles for enhancing the participation, 116. oldal

Voicilas, Dan Marius: Romania and Bulgaria on the Way of Integration – Investments Aspects, 126. oldal

Hegedűs, Gyula: Implementation of the new capital requirement directive in hungarian banks, 136. oldal

Soós János: Impacts of euro adoption on banks in the New Member States, 144. oldal

Dabasi Halász, Zsuzsanna – Kása, Richárd: Emigrational inclination - Staying or Leaving – Free Migration Possibilities and Tendencies in B. A. Z. County, 152. oldal

Cseh-Papp, Imola: The Link between Education and the State of the Labour Market in Hungary, 158. oldal

Egri, Zoltán – Tánczos, Tamás: Regional progress of the Lisbon strategy objectives in the European region, 165. oldal

Fekete-Szakos, Éva: Preparation of Becoming Teachers of Agriculture for Filling the Part of an Adult Educator, 173. oldal

Keczer, Gabriella: Performance Assessment in Higher Education, 180. oldal

Negruºa, Adina – Cosma, Smaranda: Study about the romanian higher education graduate’s perception over the quality of this process, 189. oldal

Sorea, Daniela: Implication of the Informatic Knowledge, 196. oldal

Weziak, Dorota: Intellectual capital of the community of Lubelszczyzna region – human intellectual capital according to the pilot survey, 201. oldal

Pilászy, István – Dobrowiecki, Tadeusz: Text Categorization Using Only Fragments of Documents, 211. oldal

Szűcs, Imre: Data mining based model aggregation, 219. oldal

Füredi-Kovács, Annamária: Possibilities for reducing health risks in food retail, 228. oldal

Lanyi, Beatrix: Innovation as the key of the pharmaceutical companies’ competitive advantage, 236. oldal

Ozdemir, Gokce: The role of resport planning in sustaining tourist destination image, 242. oldal

Ransburg, Beatrix: Corporate Internalization of Sustainability Requirements, 247. oldal

Révész, Balázs: Relationship Attitude of Hungarian companies, 254. oldal